Our products

Why choose IRBE Seafood products ?

Good Properties and Supply are based on many aspects.

We have our Own Boats for catching and our Own Factory based in Roja Harbour.

We are catching Baltic Herrings, Sprats, Smelts, Garfish and Goby in the Gulf of Riga. Our boats fish inshore near to the Harbour, ensuring quick delivery of the Fresh Fish directly into our factory within 3 hours from being caught.

The Fish arrives in Ice tubs and is instantly Graded keeping the Fish in Top Quality. We Grade, Fillet, and process the fish using our own professional trained Staff. The various productions depending on each product is produced to High quality and speed of production in our New Modern Factory. All our products are caught by our own Fishermen and Boats.

Our Fishing Boats are comparably small to keep the Quality to the Highest Standard. The Boats carry large Tubs of Ice Slurry to put the catch straight in, to maintain the quality and this help with the quickness of handling at the unloading Quayside and Factory.

The Gulf of Riga Fishing area, receives Freshwater from various large Rivers. The Salinity of water is lower in Riga Gulf which gives the Fish a better positive taste. The Fish reaches Maturity Quicker and grows faster with much more rich valuable Fat content making the Fish mild and tastier.

Every Product has its own unique recipe, specially produced spices are given to each individual product to give it a great taste.